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New Stuff, Customs and Pre-orders

Hello everyone! If you're on our mailing list and you're wondering why you haven't seen anything lately... It's because Patreon is notified first, and we don't want to bother you with email showing you dolls you've already missed.

NEW STUFF We'll still bother you occasionally, though, because we can't tempt you into joining our Patreon if you don't know what you're missing. 😁 This new Mini Poseable Coraline Doll is one of those things!

A few other dolls we have coming very, very soon may just bring you over to the dark side yet. (Or, at very least, will have you raising your fist and damning us to hell for having the audacity of trying to seduce you into paying $1 a month. Hehe)

*A new Lydia Deetz may or may not be one of those dolls. (Shhh. Don't fight it.)

CUSTOMS Just a friendly reminder that we no longer accept custom orders. If we could handle them, we would — but the demand is always too overwhelming, and then custom orders are all we're doing, and then we get even more email asking us why we have a website when literally nothing is ever available. 😭

PRE-ORDERS: What's When's and Why's Pre-orders have been taking up most of our time as of late, so if you're on Patreon wondering why there have been fewer dolls than usual recently, well that's one of the reasons. (Taxes, Easter, and 3 family birthdays this month are the other reasons.

Too much social... Will hide under the bed all next month to make up for it. If you're waiting on a pre-order, we're still on track to finish yours in the time-frame stated in your preorder listing. Please don't forget to check your spam/trash folder occasionally for that 'Order Ready' email from us, as we will not send your doll out until we hear from you! A reminder that the preorders we offer are based on demand and/or the supplies we're able to get our hands on. We've had supply issues since the start of Covid, which is one of the reasons we have to be super selective about which preorders we can offer — and how many. And ever since our move last November, we've had to be even smarter about what we offer, as we're now almost an hour away from our main source of supplies. So please don't think we're being rude if you miss a pre-order and we ask you to wait until the next one. (It's not always easy to add one extra when we're not prepared!) Okay... I think that's all the PSA's for now...? 🤔 Final reminder: Whether you're on Patreon or just on our mailing list, we so appreciate you being here. You know us, so you know we do. We tell you all the time. 🖤 Cyndi (and Lee!)

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