Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Do you take custom orders?


As of now, we are no longer accepting custom orders. Instead, we will occasionally offer per-orders on some of our more popular dolls. These will be random, offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and limited in the amount we offer.

  • When will you be accepting new custom orders?


We don't know. It's possible we won't ever accept them anymore. If we do, it may become a patron only benefit for those who support us on Patreon

  • Why did you stop accepting custom orders?


Many factors contributed to this decision; total burn-out being one of them. We were always re-creating rather than creating - with little time left over to create anything new. There is also the pandemic factor, as many of our supplies are now hard to find. Custom orders are also more expensive for us to make, especially when we have to drive around town looking for all the supplies we need instead of using whatever supplies we have on hand. (And we rarely charged more for them.)

And lastly, customer happiness. The more custom orders we accepted, the longer the turnaround time got, and the more impatient customers became. It got to the point we couldn't take a day off or produce anything new to sell on our website without feeling guilty for not working on custom orders instead. 

  • What is a pre-order, how does it work and how is it different from a custom order?


A pre-order is the same as something that is made-to-order, in that the doll has not yet been made, but will be made upon ordering and completed in the time-frame shown in each listing.

Supplies are a bit harder to get these days, so when we list a pre-order for a doll on our website, we list it because we *are* currently able to make that particular doll. The type of doll we choose for a pre-order is based on our available time, the supplies we're able to get, our willingness to make that particular doll, and the popularity/demand of that doll.

Pre-orders are different from custom orders in that pre-orders are limited to certain dolls that we are currently able (and willing) to make; whereas a custom order is a special request for a random doll we either can't currently make, don't make, would rather not make, or don't have time to make. 

If you see a pre-order on our website that currently shows as sold out, it's because they did, in fact, sell out. We only offer a limited quantity with each pre-order, usually of around 3 to 5 dolls. When we know we're able take on more, we will often relist the pre-order and reset the quantity to however many we are able/willing to handle. However, to avoid the burnout of making the same doll over and over, we will often choose a different doll for our next pre-order. 

**We do not take special requests on pre-orders. If a pre-order shows as sold out, you will have to wait until we offer it again. This helps us avoid running back out for those extra supplies we'd need that weren't figured-in when we did our original supply shopping. (I.e. We only bought enough fabric for 3 Coraline dolls, not 4.)

  • What is the turnaround time after purchasing a pre-order?

The turnaround time will vary on each pre-order depending on the doll we offer, so look for the time frame in each individual listing.

  • How much are your dolls?


Prices will vary depending on the doll. You can view a current price list here in this text file. (It may auto download to your device.)

  • Why are so many dolls out of stock?


Our dolls sometimes sell quickly; often within minutes. And because our dolls are handmade and there are only 2 of us making them, we have a hard time replenishing our "stock". But we do try to have a random assortment available for purchase each week.

If you'd like advance notification of all new dolls, please consider joining us on Patreon, where you're always notified first of new arrivals and new available pre-orders.


  • When or how often do you have new dolls in stock?


We try to at least have a handful of dolls available for purchase each week. These dolls are random, as we never know what we'll have time to make and what supplies will be available.


  • How do I place a custom order?


Custom orders are now closed.


  • Can you make a doll that looks like my friend/me/family member?


We are no longer accepting custom orders.


  • Are your dolls durable enough for children?


Yes, they are durable -- but they are not intended for children under 12, as they would not meet required US toy safety guidelines due to small parts, inks, paints and/or potentially flammable fabrics. Our dolls are handmade for adult collectors and mainly enjoy sitting on a shelf and watching you while you sleep.


  • Are your dolls washable?


No. Spot cleaning may be possible on cotton fabric bodies, but most of our doll faces are hand-drawn with inks and pastels, so cleaning on faces should be avoided.

  • Do you ship everywhere, and how much is it?


Yes, we ship everywhere! Shipping prices are as follows:


$9.99 anywhere in the US for 2-3 day Priority Mail

$19.99 to Canada and

$24.99 everywhere else.


Please see individual item listings for any additional policies/prices.


  • Do you do promotions?


The short answer is no. We're often contacted by bloggers, Instagram influencers and podcasters who would like a free doll (or dolls) in return for a shout out. In theory this is nice, but our dolls are handmade and take time to create, using supplies we've had to purchase -- and despite the influx of people these shout outs can bring, they often create more work for us than we can handle. 


  • Do you do any shows?


We wish we could! Unfortunately, we don't have the time/manpower to produce enough dolls to sell at shows, so it's not worth the expense of travel and reserving a table.

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