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Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Do you accept custom orders?


As of now, we are no longer accepting custom orders. Instead, we will occasionally offer per-orders on some of our more popular dolls. These will be random, offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and limited in the amount we offer.

  • When will you be accepting new custom orders?


We don't know. It's possible we won't ever accept them anymore. If we do, it may become a patron only benefit for those who support us on Patreon

  • What is a pre-order, how does it work and how is it different from a custom order?


A pre-order is something that is made-to-order. The doll has not yet been made, but will be made upon ordering (and completed within the time-frame shown in each listing). Pre-orders are different from custom orders in that pre-orders are limited to dolls that we're currently able (and willing) to make; whereas a custom order is a special request for a random doll we either can't currently make, never made before, would rather not make, or don't have time to make. 

We will list a pre-order for a doll on our website when there's a big demand for a particular doll, and if we're currently able to get all the supplies we'll need to make a few at a time. 

If you see a pre-order on our website that currently shows as sold out, it's because they did, in fact, sell out. Because it's only the two of us, we can only offer a limited quantity with each pre-order (usually of around 3 to 5 dolls). When we know we're able take on more, we will often relist the pre-order and/or reset the quantity to however many we are able/willing to handle. When we do, we'll announce it on our Instagram, Facebook page and our Patreon.

*We do not take special requests on pre-orders. Meaning, your pre-ordered doll can't have a different face, or fabric, or hair color. (Unless otherwise offered in the listing.) Having all pre-orders the same just makes it easier for us to find what we need quickly when we shop for our supplies. 

  • What is the turnaround time after purchasing a pre-order?

The turnaround time will vary on each pre-order depending on the doll we offer, so look for current time-frames in each individual listing.

  • How much are your dolls?


Prices will vary depending on the doll, but they are typically anywhere from $65 to $175. If you'd like a quote on a specific doll, please send us a message though our website or email us at

  • Why are so many dolls out of stock?


Our dolls sometimes sell quickly; often within minutes. And because our dolls are handmade and there are only 2 of us making them, we have a hard time replenishing our "stock". But we do try to have a random assortment available for purchase each day/week.

If you'd like advance notification of any new dolls, please consider joining us on Patreon, where you're always notified first of new arrivals and new available pre-orders.


  • When or how often do you have new dolls in stock?


We try to have between 10-15 dolls available for purchase each week. (Not including pre-orders.) There's only two of us, so we're limited to about 3 to 5 dolls each day, 5 to 6 days each week. And this includes pre-orders we're currently working on. Dolls made available are always random, as we never know what we'll have time to make and what supplies will be available! This also applies to the pre-orders we're able to offer.


  • How do I place a custom order?


We are not currently accepting custom orders


  • Can you make a doll that looks like my friend/me/family member?


Probably! But we are no longer accepting custom orders.


  • Are your dolls durable enough for children?


Yes, they are durable -- but they are not intended for children. Our dolls are handmade for adult collectors and mainly enjoy sitting on a shelf and watching you while you sleep. We are not responsible for damage that occurs if given to a child. Or dog. Or cat. Or gerbalhampsterbirdsnakes. Or, or....


  • Are your dolls washable?


No. Spot cleaning may be possible on cotton fabric bodies, but most of our doll faces are hand-drawn with inks and pastels, so cleaning on faces should be avoided.

  • Do you ship everywhere, and how much is it?


Yes, we ship everywhere! Shipping prices and curriers used are as follows:


$10.99 anywhere in the US (UPS 5 Day Ground)

$25.99 to Canada (USPS First Class International)

$35.99 to Australia (USPS Flat Rate)

$29.99 everywhere else. (USPS First Class International)

*International orders may be charged an import duty. Please check your local government website to see if new import duty rules affects you in your area.


Note that these prices keep rising, but this have nothing to do with us. We don't control shipping prices. In fact, we always lose money on shipping because we never charge for boxes, labels, tags, tape, wrapping, etc. 

  • Do you have a buy-back program?


Unfortunately, we do not, as it would cost us too much - not just in purchasing, but in fees, taxes and time spent relisting and promoting.

  • Do you do promotions?


The short answer is no. We're often contacted by bloggers, Instagram influencers and podcasters who would like a free doll (or dolls) in return for a shout out. In theory this is nice, but our dolls are handmade and take time to create, using supplies we've had to purchase -- and despite the influx of people these shout outs can bring, they often create more work for us than we can handle. 


  • Do you do any shows?


We wish we could! Unfortunately, we don't have the time/manpower to produce enough extra dolls to sell at shows, so it's not worth the expense of travel and reserving a table.

  • Do you sell your patterns?


We do not sell our patterns, but this may change in the future! Our dolls are our livelihood.  This isn't a hobby for us -- this is how we pay our bills! A lot of trial and error goes into creating templates that work. And we go through this every time we create a new type of doll -- which, at this point, probably means about 20+ unique sets of templates! (This doesn't include the many one-offs we designed when we accepted custom orders.)

If/when we do make our templates available for digital download, it will be with the provision that they are used for personal use only. 

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