Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Do you take custom orders/How much is a custom?


Yes, we do accept custom orders -- and the cost depends on the doll! Our button-eyed dolls are generally between $75 and $100 but can be more depending on the amount of time and work involved.

Prices are shown in the product listings on our main page, but expect to pay  a minimum of $5 more for a custom order of the same doll. (Depending on your device, you may have to click on the quick view option to see prices.)


The majority of these dolls are around 16" tall.

Below is our current price list:

(All prices are USD and subject to change, depending on added extras and availability of supplies.)

*Please note that we have discontinued our Gomez and Morticia Dolls.

(We can't help that these are being reposted by various people across all social media platforms. Sorry!)


Coraline - $90


Alice and Wednesday Addams - $80 to $100. (Because we have so many different versions of each, it's best to send us a photo of the one you'd like so we can give you an accurate quote.)

Our Horror Icon Girl Dolls:


"Jaisyn" (Jason Voorhees) - $85

"Penny" (Pennywise) - $85

"Billie" (Billy the puppet - Saw) - $85

"Samantha" (Sam - Trick r Treat) $90

"Mikah" (Micheal Myers) - $90

"Charlee" (Chucky) - $90

"Freda" (Freddy Krueger) - $95

"Bradley" (Pinhead) - $95

More Famous Characters:

"Keaton" (Girl Doll) - (Beetlejuice)  - $90

"Sally (Not Sally)" (Nightmare Before Christmas) - $85 

Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) 

The Grady Twins (Stitched-face) - $140

The Other Mother (Coraline) - $90

Lydia Deetz (Button-eyed, wedding dress) -$120

Harley Quinn (in Jester outfit - we don't make any other version) - $130

14" Sam (Trick R Treat) - $75

22" Sam (Trick R Treat) - Discontinued due to USPS shipping price increase.

Our Original Dolls:

(Email for a quote if marked with an *asterisk, as there are many versions of each.)

"Clive" (Cute voodoo doll wrapped in chain) - $90

Ouija Girls (Stitched face with planchette necklace) - $90

"Crazie" Girls (With straitjacket and hand-drawn face) - $90

Slashed-Face Girls (Ripped bloody faces) -$80

Scarecrow Girls (Cute) - $95

Scarecrow Girls (Scary) - $95

Plague Doctor Girls - $90 

*Sugar Skull Girls - $85 to $100 

*Clown Girls - $85 - $100

*Grungy Stitched-Face Girls - $75 - $85

*Demon Girls - (Stitched-faced or drawn face with bat wings and/or horns)- $90 -$110

*20" (Gothic) Winged, Horned Demons (Free standing) $110

*20" (Firey) Hells Belles Winged, Horned (Free Standing) $115

18" Dead Bride Dolls - $120

*Voodoo Girls - $80 - $95

20-21" 'Toods (Poseable Voodoo Dolls) - $75 

*Skull-Face Girls $85 - $95

*Witches - $90 - $130

16" Clay-faced Doll - $90

*16"+ "Marionette/Ventriloquist" Dolls - $90-$110

18" Bird Skull Doll (Freestanding) $120

"Ruby" the Vampire Girl - $115

20" Handmade Coffin - $135

Moody Voodies Premium Dolls (MVP's)

 (Our highly detailed dolls with hand-drawn/painted faces. These are generally between 19" and 22" tall.)

Pennywise (Both Versions) - $175

Edward Scissorhands - $175

Chucky - $175

Hannibal - $150

Conjuring Nun - $130 

Patrick Bateman - $175

Leatherface - $175

Annabelle - $130

Jack Torrance - $175 

Beetlejuice - $175

Billy the Puppet - $130

 You can see the majority of these dolls on our Instagram @MoodyVoodies and some in our gallery on our website.



  • How long does it take to have a custom doll made?


It varies, but usually around 4 weeks (after your invoice has been paid), sometimes longer if we have to design new templates for your doll. The turnaround time can get longer from mid October through December.


As of now, we are at a turnaround time of approximately 4-5 weeks.


  • Why are so many dolls out of stock?


Our dolls sometimes sell quickly; often within minutes. Seldom do they last more than a few days. And because our dolls are handmade and there are only 2 of us making them (and our custom order list is always quite long, which divides our time) we have a hard time replenishing our "stock". But we do try to have a random assortment available for purchase each week.

If you'd like advance notification of all new dolls, please consider joining us on Patreon (where you'll also get sneak peeks at things behind-the-scenes)!


  • When or how often do you have new dolls in stock?


It depends on how many custom orders we're working on at any given time, but we try to at least have a handful of dolls available for purchase each week. These dolls are random, as we never know what we'll have time to make!


  • How do I place a custom order?


1) Send us a message detailing what you have in mind. Pictures help, because sometimes we'll make a doll in a variety of styles.


2) If we can do it (and you're okay with cost and turnaround time), we'll send you an invoice. Please be sure to send us your email and shipping address (so we know what to include for shipping).


3) Pay the invoice. Our turnaround time begins only after invoice payment has been made. If invoice is not paid in 10 days, it will be canceled. This helps us keep track of how many orders we have and the time frame we give to other customers.


4) Wait the approximate turnaround time discussed.


5) Contact us if you miss us or would like an update.


7) When your order is ready, we'll send you a message with photos of your doll(s). Please be sure to check your email's spam/junk/trash folder if you haven't heard from us! 


8) If you're happy with what you see, we'll usually ship it/them out the following business day.


  • Can you make a doll that looks like my friend/me/family member?


Only if they/you look like one of our dolls. ;)


We don't generally make portrait dolls unless there is a distinguishing characteristic or two that will help us translate you/them into a doll. For example: Unusual hair color or style, unusual makeup, brows, or eye color. If you think you (or them) are strange and unusual enough -- that's perfect for us. But, either way, just send us a photo and we can let you know for sure.


  • Are your dolls durable enough for children?


Yes, they are durable -- but they are not intended for children under 12, as they would not meet required US toy safety guidelines due to small parts, inks, paints and/or potentially flammable fabrics. Our dolls are handmade for adult collectors and mainly enjoy sitting on a shelf and watching you while you sleep.


  • Are your dolls washable?


No. Spot cleaning may be possible on cotton fabric bodies, but most of our doll faces are hand-drawn with inks and pastels, so cleaning on faces should be avoided.

  • Do you ship everywhere, and how much is it?


Yes, we ship everywhere! Shipping prices are as follows:


$9.99 anywhere in the US for 2-3 day Priority Mail

$19.99 to Canada and

$24.99 everywhere else.


Please see individual item listings for any additional policies/prices.



  • Do you do any shows?


We wish we could! Unfortunately, we don't have the time/manpower to produce extra dolls to sell at shows; so it's not worth the expense of travel and reserving a table.

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