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Let's Make And Sell A Doll: A Step by Step Guide

1. Get out there and shop for your supplies! You'll need buttons, threads, yarn, and a variety of *fabrics (and other things you'll likely forget because you forgot your list). You might need to visit 2 to 3 stores to find what you need, but you're out early, so you have time!

*When you find the fabrics you want, don't forget to take a number before standing in line to get it cut, lest you be shamed by the elderly woman who was there before you, waiting to get 10 yards of fabric cut to make a Christmas quilt for her 3 year old grandson. (All ten yards of fabric are different, and there's only one person at the cutting counter that day. It's gonna be a while, so text your significant other to complain while you wait.)

2. Are you home yet? Cool. Time to iron all the wrinkles out of the fabrics you just bought. Hopefully you didn't forget the *interlacing, because you'll need to iron that stuff to all your fabrics if you don't want your dolls lumpy in all the wrong places.

*If you forgot interlacing, repeat step 1. Interlacing, like fabric, needs to be cut at the counter, so take a number and text your boo. (Quit your swearing.)

3. If you already have your templates (head, arms, legs, body, etc, etc), start tracing them onto your fabrics! If you don't already have templates, start designing and *experimenting.

*Experimenting may take a while. Especially if it's a custom order for that weird character in the 3rd scene of that obscure 80s movie that you can't really find photos of because they're only shown for, like, 3 seconds. The experiments won't always go right, but they won't always go wrong either. Good luck - I have faith in you!

4. Cut your newly drawn body parts into easily digestible square and rectangular chunks for your sewing machine. Yum.

5. Thread your sewing machine with the appropriate color threads, and get to *sewing all the body parts you just traced.

*Try to keep the straight lines straight, and the round lines round. (It's kinda important.)

6. Cut out all the bits and pieces from the squares and rectangles.

7. Use turny-outty tubes to turn the pieces inside out. (Or outside in...?)