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Is that you, Sarah?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Sarah Voodie, you’re coming with me!

Good evening, or morning, or even afternoon!

"Hey Moody Voodies, can you remake your Sarah doll?"

Wait, which one was that again...?

We’ve been asked numerous times to recreate one of our previous girl dolls, but our usual response to each other is "which one was that?" and "when did we make her?"

Sometimes this’ll be a doll we made several years ago! Usually, this means our customer (or guest, the new term in many stores) has painstakingly trolled our Instagram account! (@moodyvoodies if you wanted to know!) ;)

We’ve posted over a 1000 photos, so for a customer/guest to request a ‘Sarah’ doll, they definitely mean business!

When we first started making our dolls, we knew all their names, kinda like knowing your own kids names. But now it’s a little bit harder! Hitherto now, I should imagine we’ve made well over 2000 dolls of varying styles!

We’re always happy when we’re asked to recreate one of our designs though; the proud artist inside us smiles and does the Carlton dance!


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