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Shipping costs!

Just another quick blog about shipping costs.

As you’re all very aware, inflation is taking a big toll on all of us. For us supplies, gas, rent, etc and they’re all sky rocketing and shipping hasn’t escaped the increase either.

On average prices have gone up at least $1 on each item we send out via UPS.

Last year we lost around $3000+ on shipping supplies and extra charges over the price we charge. The $9.99 we charge for US UPS shipping doesn’t include a box or the wrapping paper or bubble wrap (or time spent in handling), which we include for free but costs us at least $2+ per doll we send. We’re not Amazon, we can’t afford to send items out for free. As we’ve said a few times before, we are a very small business and every penny counts.

So unfortunately, as a result of UPS’ increase in cost we’ve had to add an extra $1 for standard ground shipping which will now be $10.99. We’ll still lose money, but we can afford another $1000+ on top a year out of pocket.

Sorry for the rant, but we didn’t want you all to think we are trying to make more money on the shipping costs.


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