Why Donate?

When we first started doing this almost a decade ago, the cost of living was a lot lower than it is now, so it was easier to pay all of our monthly expenses through our dolls. Essentially, we didn't have to make quite as many dolls per month back then to survive.


However, our rent has more than doubled since then. in the past 2 years alone, it has increased by $600 a month. That's a lot more dolls to have to try to produce each month when we were already at max capacity, working 6, 7 and even 8 days before taking a single day off. 

We don't want to increase the price of our dolls to keep up with expenses, but the sheer quantity we have to produce now is burning us out. (Think about how many $90 dolls you'd have to make and sell every month to pay all of your bills!) 

(We were hoping our Patreon would help with this, but what we earn there now goes to a savings account to help us pay our taxes.)

The realization that we both may have to finally find work elsewhere has certainly set in. But if you like what we do, donating will not only allow us to continue, it'll also help keep our dolls at reasonable prices.

Thank you for peeking in. We appreciate you taking the time.

Cyndi and Lee (AKA Moody Voodies)