We've finally built a coffin to fit the majority of the dolls we make! Whether you want to buy one for our dolls — or anyone else's — we think it'll add an upmarket, store-bought feel. 

PRE-ORDER: These coffins are made-to-order and will vary slightly in appearance. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for us to complete it for you. When finished, we will contact you via email with photos before shipping it out!

**If you don't choose a lining color in product options, the default color will be Red. 



Our coffins are entirely handmade, using our own templates. They're made with plywood, lined with velvet and painted with acrylics. They have metal hinges and an antique style metal clasp to keep the lid closed. We score the outside of the coffins to give them a little extra detail.


Outside: 20" Length x 9 1/2 Width x 5 1/4 Depth 
Inside: 19 x 8 x 4

These dimensions cannot be altered without redesigning our templates. If you'd like a different size, please contact us for a quote before purchasing this pre-order. 

**Doll in photos is not included, but shows the average size of our dolls. Dolls over 19" will not fit. 

**This is not for the use of children, as fingers can get pinched if not careful.

PRE-ORDER: 20 x 9 1/2 Long Handmade Coffin