This is a pre-order/made-to-order for our handmade Sally doll! Item is not made until bought, and will take approximately 3 weeks to complete after placing your order. When she is ready, we will contact you with photos of your finished doll through the email you provide at check out. Because our dolls are handmade, exact likeness to the Sally in the photos of this listing is not possible — but we do everything we can to make them similar. This is why its important to watch for the "Order Ready" email from us so that you can see her before we ship her off to you. We will not ship until we know you are happy with what you see. Sally's skin fabric is lightly distressed, so there may be blotchy patches here and there. Her face is designed by us and shaded with various inks. Her hair is made with acrylic yarn and glued into place. Acrylic yarn tangles easily, so it's best not to handle her hair very often. **Our dolls are not intended for young children.** (Wondering why? Please view our faqs at

PRE-ORDER 18" Handmade Sally Doll