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Clive's Story:

One day while shopping for antiques, Clive found an old Rubik's Cube and took it home with him. He sat with a cup of coffee and proceeded to solve the puzzle one side at a time: Green, white, blue, orange, yellow, red. Then, upon that last turn, scary music began to play. Clive’s eyes grew wide as the gates of hell opened before him and horrible (but really cool looking) creatures appeared. They offered to give him a tour of their home, but Clive politely declined and told them he had somewhere else he had to be. 

And that's when the chains began to fly...


Clive is made completely of felt and stuffed firmly with poly-fil. A heavy-duty chain is wrapped around him (with smaller chain around his heart) and sewn into place. He's 12"tall in permanent sitting position. 

**Our dolls are not intended for young children.**

12" Handmade "Clive" Doll

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