You do Gomez? (Social Media, a curse or a blessing?)

A few years a go we decided to add more Addams Family inspired dolls, and make Wednesday's parents Gomez and Morticia. Now, with all new doll creations there is a period of time where its trial and error. We make the templates, see if they work, and go from there. Sometimes we get it right straight away, and sometimes its takes a few goes until we're 100% happy (We're only human!)

Once everything looks good, we go from there. So, we make the initial set of Gomez and Morticia, and they look great. The one problem though, is Gomez takes forever to make. We discovered that finding a pinstripe fabric which would actually work for him, was impossible! So, this meant that each part of his suit, was painstakingly pinstriped on the sewing machine, line by line. This was extremely tedious and time consuming to say the least.

To cut a long story slightly shorter, Gomez is a real loss leader for us. By the time we've made him, paid for supplies, paid the tax on him, we'll probably get around $5 a hour from the finished item. Now, for someone that doesn't have rent, electricity, bills, taxes etc, etc to pay out, it's probably okay, but we can't survive on that.

For the most part, most, if not all of our specialty doll's are the same; they're basically loss leaders. We make them, but we don't make much money from them. But, anyone who knows us, know we like a challenge, and hate to disappoint if we can help it. The problem with Gomez and Morticia is that we could literally stop making every other doll we make, and make those forever we the amount of people who ask for them. But, like I said, we have bills to pay and we can't afford to work for peanuts!!

So, where does the social media part of your rant come in?

Frequently, we have large influencer accounts give us free shout-outs. Sometimes this gives us an amazing boost to our follower numbers, and with that we are often deluged with inquires. Although this is tiring, it often leads to us adding long term collectors of our dolls, which is amazing, and we really appreciate the exposure we're given by these people.


We never get to choose what they post. This often leads to these guys posting dolls we no longer make, due to time constraints or discontinued fabrics. We understand they can't always message people to give them the heads up, and that's just a part of the whole social media circus.

Gomez and Morticia are literally the most requested dolls we get, and 9/10 times its because someone had posted them on Instagram or Facebook.

So, where did the title 'You do Gomez?' come from?

Someone literally asked 'You do Gomez?', no hi, no hello, just this now infamous line that will always be associated in my mind every time we're asked to make this adorable couple!

So, will we ever make them again?

Maybe... If we can find a quicker way to make Gomez we will definitely add them both back to our line-up!

Never say never.


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