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USPS Delays!

Hey guys, just a quick message about the current state of shipping times. As you/we are all aware (unless you literally live under a rock), the USPS due to the current world health emergency, has longer than expected leads times. This is not always the case, but it has been brought to our attention that some packages are taking longer to arrive than usual.

Priority Mail usually takes between 2-3 days to arrive, this is once the main sorting office has scanned and processed the package. Sometimes, although we take your orders to the post office the same day, or the following day, the main sorting office then sometimes takes days to send these off the the next location.

Priority mail is not a guaranteed 2-3 service, Priority Mail Express is. But, the Express service is at least 2-3 times more expensive. And, unless you really need one of our dolls in a real hurry, I’m sure you won’t mind the wait.

If for any reason you do need an order sent out quickly, please be sure to message us and we can adjust the shipping cost for you.


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