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To Patreon, or not to Patreon.

For many, many, many months now, weve been pondering the idea of starting up a Patreon account. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a site that allows artists to offer insights into their craft, and give their customers and fans access to such things as, first chance to buy items before the rest of the public, video tutorials, blogs, discounts, giveaways and so on and so forth! The way this works, the site asks you to subscribe to your favorite (wink, wink) artists, on an ascending scale of cost; anything from a $1 a month to ‘the skies the limit’. Each additional level of subscription gives you all the previous levels and more!

The main reason for us looking into dipping our toes, is time. We work a lot of hours, and this doesn’t give us much time to experiment with new ideas and designs. For example: Our top of the line dolls are really time consuming. MVP (Moody Voodies premium) ‘Pennywise’, for instance, takes around 12 hours to make. That’s a third of most people’s work week. We’d like to experiment and make more elaborate dolls, but time unfortunately is money. And, as artists, we want to push our talents to the limits, but that won’t pay the bills!

One of the main stumbling blocks, is confidence. Will people subscribe, or are we barking up the wrong tree. Would you subscribe to an artist that makes dolls!? Of course you would, we’re awesome!! (Peeks behind the curtain. ‘Are they smiling or do they look unamused’?)

We’ve already partially leaped away from Etsy, in an effort to create more freedom from fees, and open up a little time, but it’s still not quite enough. We want to expand and grow, as we currently have way more work than we can handle. So the expansion into the world of Patreon, might help relieve some of the stresses of being starving artists.

Lee 🤪

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