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No More Big Dolls?

Hey everyone!

Sorry about the lack of blog posts, but 'as-per-usual' we have been bogged down with custom orders and also trying to fill the store with stock!

So, as some of you might have realized (those of you who use USPS on a regular basis), the USPS have hugely increased the cost of sending larger items. This unfortunately means we are very unlikely to offer our Large Sam Dolls, Large Oogie Boogies dolls, or any oversize dolls for sale anymore. USPS seem to have done away with their cheaper 'Parcel Select' pricing, and have now increased that to 'Priority Mail' costs. This basically triples or quadruples the price. Trying to justify shipping costs that are almost as much as the price of a doll, is kinda silly! So, unless you really 'have to have it' don't expect to see those guys in our store anymore.

Lee :)

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