Ok MV fans! So here is the thing I've been working on for ya...anyone remember the poll from a while back about Moody Voodies merch (thank you to the 39 people that participated in that lol)? Well guess what?

WE HAVE MERCH! Well, the beginning of merch anyways. I give you- MV logo vinyl stickers! 😁

I have 50 LIMITED EDITION vinyl stickers listed on Ebay right this very moment! This was something that had been in the back of the minds of Lee and Cyndi, but due to the always large amount of custom orders and website listings, it can be hard to do things like this when you are constantly sewing, cutting, designing, web-hosting, IG posting, Patreon posting....the list goes on! So, with the permission of our lovely creators, here they are!

  1. To keep web traffic and orders straight, these have ONLY been listed on Ebay as a Buy It Now option These are 4", and can go on almost anything (except painted areas-they could take paint off after awhile). So...just gonna drop the link below...don't all rush over! 😂 -R

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