Always Board - Never Bored: Custom Orders

It's not a frequently asked question. In fact, it's never a question at all. I think most people understand that a handmade *anything* will probably take a while. But we thought we'd jot down the process -- just in case you're the impatient type. (Like me.)

The main reason a custom may take a while, of course, is the amount of custom orders we receive. On average, we have about 12 orders on the *board* at any given time. Some dolls are more time-consuming than others and take more than a day to complete, and some orders have more than one doll. (One recent order contained 5 dolls!)

We usually make them in the order in which they were received --unless we previously started making a doll to sell in our shop that someone then requested. (It happens often with Coraline.)

Another reason for the wait is because there are only two of us. One of us handles the custom work, while the other tries to produce dolls for our shop. However, we often work together when the customs list grows too long.

Still, because we do this for a living, we're both forced (at times) to try to produce new dolls for our shop even when there's a board full of custom orders.

Bills have to get paid, unfortunately -- and every bill is paid in dolls. (Figuratively speaking, of course. Imagine paying rent in Hannibal's and Chucky's...!?)

Rest assured, though, we're never sitting on our hands.

We don't have social lives, so we're rarely away from work. (True story, sadly.)

We're working at least 6 days a week, and there are times we've worked for two weeks straight without a break. (Even our "day off" isn't really a day off. There's always supply shopping and contacting to do.)

You guys have been so great about this, though --- so thank you! We appreciate your patience and we're extremely grateful for the work that you continue to give us.

Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to do this for a living!



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